Personal CIO 

When you opt-in to our Guided Wealth Management Service, a member of our team of financial experts serves as your Personal Chief Investment Officer. Trailhead Planners brings an institutional quality investment philosophy and customizes it for the unique risks families like yours face both before and after retirement. 

Most investment advice centers around forecasts (a.k.a. gut feelings) for the direction of interest rates and inflation, overall economic strength, and which way the stock market is headed. Unfortunately, not only are these factors nearly impossible to consistently forecast they also distract individual investors from what truly matters for long-term financial success.    

We take a different approach. 

An Investment Portfolio Tailored for You 

By taking into account the unique factors that make up your financial life (e.g. cash holdings, your home, job stability, expected pensions/social security, business assets, rental property, company stock, inherited assets, etc.) we develop a customized framework for the risks and opportunities inherent in your financial life.  We then combine these factors with your long-term goals and aspirations to develop a plan for investing your portfolio and managing your overall net worth over the long-term.

Our unique Guided Wealth Management framework seeks to:

  • Achieve True Diversification across all your assets
  • Manage Risks both broad and economic as well as risks unique to your personal balance sheet
  • Invest in a Tax-Efficient Manner 
  • Create a Robust Portfolio that can be Sustained for Decades
  • Adhere to evidence-based investment principles for long-term client success

A Trail-Tested Team of Financial Experts

The professionals serving you at Trailhead Planners are credentialed and experienced. Morgan Ranstrom, CFA, CFP® leads our investment team and has more than a decade of experience managing investment portfolios for private individuals and families. Additionally, Courtney Ranstrom, MBA, CFP® and Bill Mulvahill, CFP®, CPA sit on our investment committee with Morgan and consult  on all investment matters. Together, our team has a wealth of experience consulting on the investment management and financial planning needs of hard-working individuals and families.